Diana Szilagyi

Diana has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She comes from a strong performance focused background, having spent 17 years as part of a traditional Macedonian dance group, performing at many cultural events in Melbourne. When she was quite young, after being in awe watching the Dancesport Championships, Diana fell in love with Latin dancing. Years later she started salsa classes and after taking classes for a little over a year, Diana was snapped up by renowned Melbourne based dance company Katumba Latin Entertainment and went on to spend 4 years performing with the company in restaurants and bars/clubs, as well as at corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, etc., in various dance styles, including Samba No Pe, Cuban Salsa, Axé and Latin Hip-Hop. She is an entertainer through and through - always lighting up the stage and exuding energy and her passion for dance.


In 2011, Diana joined Spin City Dance, starting off casually teaching Samba No Pe and Zumba, whilst also taking salsa classes and private lessons from Sharon Pakir with a view to improving her salsa technique. Her rapid improvements resulted in Diana joining the Spin City Dance professional team at the end of 2011 and she has remained a member of the team ever since – performing and competing at various events across Australia, and overseas, including the Melbourne Latin Festival, the Sydney Latin Festival and the New York International Salsa Congress. Since joining Spin City Dance and being trained by Sharon Pakir, Diana has become regarded as one of the best “follows” in salsa/mambo in Melbourne. 

Diana is also part of the teaching team at Spin City Dance. She is incredibly passionate about technique and choreography and loves to share her knowledge and passion for dance. Her teaching style involves a strong focus on technical precision, with some fun and laughs along the way. 


From a choreography point of view, Diana is excited by the notion of creating art through movement to music and she has created numerous diverse choreographies, both on her own and in collaboration with others, including solo routines for herself and for students, duet shines routines, couple routines, and wedding dances.


    •    2nd place – 2014 Australian Salsa Summit - Salsa Cabaret – with Christian Szilagyi
    •    2nd place - 2014 Australian Salsa Solo Competition – Professional Latin Teams – Spin City Dance Ladies
    •    3rd place - 2013 Australian Salsa Solo Competition – Pro-Am Salsa Duet – with Francine Ke (Professional: Diana; Student: Francine Ke)
    •    3rd place - 2013 Australian Salsa Solo Competition - Professional Female Latin Soloist
    •    2nd place - 2013 Australian Salsa Open Victorian Qualifiers - Salsa Professional Couples - with James Athanassiou
    •    3rd place - 2012 Australian Salsa Solo Competition - Salsa Teams Open – Spin City Dance Semi-pro ladies team
    •    3rd place – 2012 Melbourne’s Best Social Dancer Competition - with Nissoka Wijesuriya