Spin City Dance is Melbourne’s premier latin dance academy.

Sharon Pakir, world-renowned teacher, choreographer and performer, created Spin City Dance in 2007. Today, Spin City is a unique boutique dance studio, continually mentoring and creating great social as well as elite salsa dancers who have become multiple time national champions with our training.

Spin City Dance offers high-quality, technically precise tuition, in both social classes and through our intense Squad membership programs. We are also proud to offer private lessons, as well as team-, couple- and solo-competitive and performance training. We don’t just teach you the basics and leave you floundering: depending on what your dance objectives are, we mentor and train you so that you can reach your goals.

As you become part of our school, you may want to continually raise the bar to a great follow or lead, which is  an awesome and intricate challenge, or you may want to join any number of our performance teams to perform nationally or internationally. Our student and professional teams, couples and soloists, have performed at Salsa Congresses in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Dubai and even New York. Belonging to an internationally recognised salsa studio enables you to join the global salsa community and absorb its vibrant culture.

Spin City is as much about commitment, as it is about mentorship. That is why we choose to offer membership, as well as the usual casual class options. Course commitment means that we teach our syllabus, intended to build your dance technique, knowledge of forms as well as musical appreciation. Courses are designed in 12-week blocks, and are progressive standard levels. In addition, we also offer courses and classes that add layers to your salsa, for example, styling, musicality, and the technical courses for which are best known, spinning and technical drills.

Spin City Dance welcomes you to become a part of our wonderful community!